Team Luxe

Sean Ward – CEO & Founder


Sean is a lifelong resident of Lake Tahoe and over the last 17 years has been immersed in the short-term vacation rental industry. Holding multiple US patents in vacation rental web design and functionality, Sean is recognized within this $20+B industry as a knowledge leader and innovator. His unique combination of owning his own vacation rentals, which have provided him with real world hands-on experience, and his passion for excellence have earned his previous international vacation rental business with a rare, 100% guest satisfaction rating. LuxeVaca is Sean’s latest vision of what the vacation rental business should look like: “Building exemplary homeowner partnerships that securely leverage their beautiful homes with industry leading marketing and ultimately providing unmatched wonderful guest experiences – in a nutshell, that’s what our focus is and will always be.


Kyle Morrison – COO & Broker


A resident of the Monterey Peninsula for the past 12 years, Kyle brings a unique combination of his current career in residential real estate with 30+ years of owning and running several multi-million dollar businesses in national apparel distribution and light manufacturing. As LuxeVaca’s COO, Kyle effectively applies his background in residential real estate with his operational design expertise to an ever evolving and demanding vacation rental industry. Effectively partnering with homeowners and managing a wide variety of high-value properties with guest arrivals and departures while providing world class guest services is of course the key to any successful vacation rental business – but actually executing and perfecting this business model is what Kyle’s entire career has been built on.


Zorka Aguilar Ward – Director of Guest Services


A native born Peruvian, Zorka has over 12 years of business experience in both marketing and vacation rentals. Founding and building a highly successful marketing promotional company, Zorka brings LuxeVaca a very powerful array of knowledge and experience with her deep operational/technical skill sets, seamless fluency in three languages and her co-ownership of an international vacation rental business. Known for her steady temperament and soothing communications skills, Zorka also has an uncanny ability to multi-task on projects that range from sublime homeowner and guest communications to complex problem solving. Zorka leads LuxeVaca’s ability to foresee and pro-actively prevent problems from happening – which is a cornerstone of providing world class guest services. In short, Zorka is the brains of the operation!